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Bedliner Review: ArmorThane Versus Line-X

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Lowest Cost Spray bed liner
ArmorThane Versus Line-X

ArmorThane Liners – Comparison buying guide


ArmorThane offers a variety of bedliner materials for your body shop. They have pure polyurea, polyurea hybrids and polyurethane systems for truck bedliners. It seems they have 5 main products that are available in 5 gallon and drum set quantities. These range from 100% pure polyurea to 60 (polyurea) / 40 (polyurethane) ratios.
ArmorThane Pricing:
The prices are the most reasonable in the business, and there is no start-up or franchise fee. ArmorThane’s business structure is built around customer service and making each individual reseller succeed. They sell their equipment at bottom dollar price to get you started and also set you up with marketing material to help you bring in business.
Colors: 7 colors (pewter[grey], dark grey, light grey, blue, green, red, )


Line-X offers a high pressure pure 100% polyurea solution for bedliners and industrial coatings primarily. They have a mediocre product that has gone down in quality over the years as they have expanded more and put more focus into their marketing rather than fine-tuning the products that made them a successful business. Their business model is different than ArmorThane in the sense that they have strong franchise agreements whereas ArmorThane is a pure distributor of high-grade bedliner in volume. Line-X has opportunities for someone looking for a turnkey solution for pure polyurea that has a considerable sum of startup money.

Starting a Line-X franchise business
can cost upwards of 100,000 dollars. There are stringent franchise agreements and expensive equipment costs to get started.
Not available Colors: No colors as far as we can tell, though we have seen a few images with colors

Line-X is definitely a top quality product. However, the franchise agreement appears to be very strict. Some dealers turn a good profit if they are able ever to get the original debt they take on. As with any business, opportunity failure is common. ArmorThane is a superior solution for the body shop or contractor who is looking for a low-cost startup with immediate profit potential. Any feedback about your experience with ArmorThane or Line-x is welcome.

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Anonymous November 29, 2020 - 10:55 pm

Wow i had no idea there was such a stark difference between the two companies! ArmorThane definitely has my money going forward and i will pass this on to my other buddies looking at getting a bedliner.

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