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ArmorThane Offers A Wide Variety Of Polyurea Applications

by Teresa Wallace
Polyurea coating technology is an improved system over conventional methods used in waterproofing and protective coating application. Its outstanding properties allow for quick, complete work and quick back-to-normal service, making it suitable for various applications, particularly in highly challenging conditions.

Polyurea’s invention was first introduced in the 80s and has become extremely popular in the present. It is a hot-spray applied membrane based on the reaction between an isocyanate component and amino – or amino-polyol in instances of pure or hybrid polyurea and amino-polyol resin. The isocyanate may be of aromatic or an aliphatic composition. The reaction of the two components occurs under high pressure and temperatures. The reaction is quick and can be completed in just a few seconds, needing specific mixing equipment and application equipment to be employed by a specially trained application team.

What are the benefits of polyurea coatings?

With the latest developments occurring in the building industry, the usage of polyurea has been growing rapidly in the last few years. The main reason why polyurea coatings are growing in popularity is their vast range of positive characteristics. The product’s mechanical, physical and chemical properties make it suitable for specialized applications and demanding construction needs, such as reducing the project’s completion time while maximizing efficiency and making use of the use of low VOC materials. ArmorThane has developed a selection of polyurea membranes that are 100 100% pure and hybrid that can meet every possible requirement for your project. The main advantages that we offer with ISOMAT’s polyurea coatings could be described in the following manner:


Return-to-service is much faster than conventional coatings. The gel time can be achieved in just a few seconds, which means that you can walk around within a couple of minutes and use it for the building in just one day, drastically cutting the amount of downtime. For clarity, we can only say that ArmorThane ArmorLiner hybrid polyurea provides an impressive speedy gel time of 15 seconds, and ArmorThane 510H pure polyurea offers a stunningly rapid gel time of just 5 seconds! In addition, quick curing is what makes polyurea perfect for surfaces that are curved or vertical. The most intricate architectural structures and other details can be coated with almost any thickness without sagging. ArmorThane’s 510H is excellent corrosion-resistant material; with superior skid resistance, a harder version, and more abrasion-resistant past blends. It also has lower sensitivity to moisture for spraying in environments that don’t allow other elastomeric coatings options often used as coatings for primary containment, wastewater, and sanitation systems


After being completely cured, polyurea turns into a unidirectional, seamless membrane that has high resistance even to high mechanical and chemical loads. Additionally, the membranes are vapor permeable, which prevents the accumulation of moisture. Polyurea has remarkable chemical and mechanical properties, such as elongation tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, and crack-bridging capabilities. ArmorThane ArmorLiner has impressive levels of all of the mentioned technical attributes and is an excellent choice for a protective flooring coating.

Advanced Waterproofing Properties

One of the main application areas is the waterproofing of bridges, roofs, terraces, tunnels, tanks, swimming pools, and so on. Polyurea is a superior waterproofing and marvelous material for mechanical strength and chemical resistance as the most important criteria for various projects. ArmorThane PUA 1360 is a blend of extremely elastic, remarkable tensile strength, crack bridging ability, and outstanding waterproofing properties, making it the best choice.


Our polyureas can be swiftly applied using a specially designed two-component, high pressure and high-temperature spray machine to a range of substrates (concrete or wood, metals, and so on.) even at extreme temperatures and high humidity. Since polyurea can be hydrology stable, the relative humidity or residual moisture does not affect adhesion or coating performance. Fiber reinforcement is not necessary in detailed applications.


Because of its thermal stability to temperature fluctuations, weather fluctuations do not significantly affect coating properties or properties. In the end, the polyurea surface is simple to clean and, due to its chemical resistance, can endure the most rigorous cleaning procedures within industrial processes. With its high resistance to aging and abrasion, ArmorThane polyureas can be an ideal solution for every project.


Polyurea is solvent free and consists of a 100% solids formula free of VOCs. The reduction of chemicals and VOC emissions is vital to the development of environmentally-friendly systems. Currently, laws on green buildings call for the use of low VOC products. Our polyurea products comply with all of the mentioned requirements and can be utilized in projects aiming toward such certifications.

What are the possible fields of application?

Polyurea is utilized in a multitude of types of waterproofing as well as protection applications, particularly those that require the highest mechanical or chemical resistance and speedy finalization of the work and quick return-to-service is a major consideration, e.g., residential, industrial, or infrastructure-related projects as well as wastewater treatment facilities tanks for water, the automobile industry as well as ballistic industry.

To put it more precisely, polyurea can waterproof bridges, tunnels, roofs, parking garages, terraces, aquariums, swimming pools and tanks for water, biological wastewater treatment tanks, pipelines, foundations, and many more. Our range of products includes ArmorThane 510H and ArmorThane HardCoat; hybrid and pure polyureas are most suitable for waterproofing coatings. However, ArmorThane ArmorLiner is a good choice due to its outstanding chemical and physical resistance it is the perfect protective coating for industrial floors and fuel containers, trucks, bars and kitchens, and agriculture and food processing facilities.

What’s interesting is polyurea’s capacity to absorb energy. Research has proven that polyurea coatings can enhance the wall’s resistance against shock waves following an explosion. The majority of injuries caused by fragments released by an explosion can be prevented by polyurea coatings that act as a secondary loading structure. Most important is the bonding of the coating to the wall so as not to break off from the blast.

When it comes to ultraviolet radiation, it is important to be aware that most polyurea membranes are aromatic; therefore, they should not be open to ultraviolet radiation. In these situations, the UV-stable protective coating like ArmorThane TopCoat is highly recommended as the last layer.

Is polyurea the most cost-effective solution for your projects?

Making the decision to purchase the polyurea coating can be a form of investment that will pay off in the future and a one-time expense. Polyurea’s costs for supply should not be compared with other waterproofing coatings since none can be compared with polyurea because no coating can match polyurea’s mechanical and physical-chemical properties. Its durability, long service duration, low maintenance costs, and outstanding capabilities don’t just offset the initial price but also elevate polyurea in comparison to other waterproofing and protective coatings. Additionally, polyurea prevails over synthetic membranes (PVC TPO and EPDM) because it provides the same powerful properties at a less expensive cost with no seams or joints. In any event, it is possible to go for a hybrid polyurea such as ArmorLiner, a cost-effective option that offers the remarkable above-described properties at an affordable price.

In light of the above reasons, ArmorThane has developed a selection of polyurea membranes that are 100 100% pure and hybrid that can provide you with the best solution for your project. Learn more about our high-performance polyurea Coating and Waterproofing Systems Technical data and the fields of applications and instructions for use at www.ArmorThane.com.